Reds of Kilth Kilth Orrud

Reds of Kilth
AliasKilth Orrud
Period600 LE - 945 LE
Typelore of Ma'Ohari and Dhark Bolg

Ahnutrix, Onairion, and Urkra'gom, the Reds of Kilth, were all related by blood, sons and daughters of the legendary red dragon Balta'khar. These scions had a dislike of each other, born by jealousy, as great as any enemy they faced. Their father, vain to the extreme, said this was competitive spirit, a desire to be as great as him.

In the God Era, the three scions of Balta'khar battled under the banner of Tiamat. When she was defeated in the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE), the three fled across the sea, disappearing from the conflicts around them. They were not fleeing Covenant forces, but the wrath of their leader. Instead of helping Tiamat in her greatest time of need, they were squabbling over a baggage train overflowing with gold, gems, and great magic items. This baggage train, the "bait", was set by Asmodeus, luring the gold-loving reds away from the main action. After learning of their leader's defeat, partially responsible, they thought that Tiamat's staunchest loyalists, the Atumun Dein, would no doubt pursue them; they did not.

While flying across the Sea of Mourning, the three red dragons were intercepted by a wing of silver dragons out of Stahdim Goz. For the rest of their journey, they were monitored, then convinced to take up a retirement in Kilth. They entered these mountains, crawling with Covenant forces, then descended into the Khuzir where they entered a Dragons Slumber; a state where a dragon goes into a deep sleep, becoming mentally undetectable.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, around 600 LE, Felak miners broke into the chambers of the sleeping dragons. The Reds of Kilth made little head way against the invaders. This changed when they put aside their differences, formulating a strategy as allies. They employed mercenaries out of the Glimmerkrim city-states, and others that had scores to settle with the people of Felak and her sister holds. In the Kilth Deeps War (614 LE - 623 LE), the trio of ancient red dragons and their mercenary hordes went on to capture Felak and many other holds and city-states. Most of the conquered became slaves, put to work in mines, or projects to beautify the holdings of their respective dragon lords. Some found themselves in the army. In the feuds between the three dragons, peoples once friends found themselves fighting each other in often pointless battles.

Over the next three centuries, Ahnutrix, Onairion, and Urkra'gom produced a number of sons and daughters. Some of the red dragons that lurk in deep caverns across Ma'Ohari and in the dark recesses of Dhark Bolg are their descendants.

Varelay's rapid ascent to power and growing threat caused the Reds of Kilth to once again come together to meet a powerful foe. The dragons, after three centuries of decadence, proved to be no match for the demons and their armies. In the Red Scourge, the dragon's armies were defeated.