Sâlo Tânê

TypeLith-Crillion lore

The Lith-Crillion race have been around a very long time, dating back into the Dawn Era when Bruh Kreniik created them to help manage his works of Creation. A group of Lith-Crillion established a permanent settlement on Bal-Kriav in a period of history named after them, the Lith-Crillion Era. They began on the island Arcana at Urkalzîr and from there spread outward across Midrêth. Sâlo Tânê was a term used for the groups sent out to explore the world.

In the beginning, Sâlo Tânê explorers made their way across the seas by ocean going craft or in a bio-engineered voidship called the Âni-Zandân. After finding ancient scrolls pertaining to making teleportation circles, they built teleporters in secure places like the Pyramids of Power, and from their sent explorers from them. Finding ancient magic like teleportation circles and other relics of the Dawn and God Eras was the main reason why these groups went out to explore.

The word Sâlo Tânê was followed by a number to differentiate the various groups that went out to study the world. Some cities of today still exist from the time when they were first established as research centers by a Sâlo Tânê.

Aggda specialized in military research and construction, so the Sâlo Tânê they sent out built strongholds, fortifications, and the Pyramids of Power.

OriginGroupResearch CenterBuilt
UrkalzîrSâlo Tânê 4Crillius-Sarrus155 LE
UrkalzîrSâlo Tânê 5Zôd'vîrmâb183 LE
UrkalzîrSâlo Tânê 6Gallo-Bagd190 LE
AggdaSâlo Tânê 7Sands Pyramid of Power208 LE
AggdaSâlo Tânê 8Hells Pyramid of Power237 LE
FelthSâlo Tânê 11Aphenôrî331 LE
AggdaSâlo Tânê 13High Pyramid of Power379 LE
AggdaSâlo Tânê 16Jungle Pyramid of Power408 LE
AggdaSâlo Tânê 19Ivory Pyramid of Power540 LE
AggdaSâlo Tânê 21Swamp Pyramid of Power586 LE
FelthSâlo Tânê 27Tubedellâm729 LE
AggdaSâlo Tânê 34Imân-Sabâr931 LE
Hells Pyramid of PowerSâlo Tânê 38Urla'palos1304 LE
Sands PyramidSâlo Tânê 44Miradalêth1498 LE
Sands PyramidSâlo Tânê 51Mirundân1546 LE