Slugs of Stalag
Ownervassal city-state (Zomaar Yelvaad)
DeitiesLolth, Orcus, Tarâk
Founded9 Brightstar 1685 LE
MapHokzii Skuld

Stalag is a decadent city-state of the subterranean region Adunamar. It was founded in the Lith-Crillon Era by the Fomorians. In the early centuries of its start, they grew their population by dominating their neighbors, Mycnoids in the beginning, then others as they moved into proximity of their slavers.

Most of the city's Svirfneblin are slaves, former citizens of Qya-Qhar, or their descendants. Using ancient Fomorian rituals, some of these end up as Spriggan.

The city's Turkûn population have lineage to the fallen Kingdom of Khamagurbun; a surface empire destroyed in the Smoldering Anvil War (1032 - 1039) by the Zomaar Yelvaad. At first, Khamagurbun's refugees were turned away, but then a greater threat started pushing down from above, they took in their numbers, helping stave off the battle-tested armies of the Zomaar Yelvaad.

In 1412, losing a war with Zomaar Yelvaad, Stalag became a vassal city-state, paying tribute, but otherwise keeping their ways and rule by the Fomorians. With deep connections, when the decision comes to who will be Stalag's governor, only Fomorians step forward. It has been this way since the beginning, broken only during the three century reign of the drow empire XYZZZ. It was the sixth time they had become a vassal. For Stalag, being a vassal is usually a period of great commerce and stability.

Stalag is a corrupt and crime-ridden city. Like many city-states of this part of Adunamar and above, it is controlled by cartels and criminal syndicates.

Stalag is renown for raising and training giant slugs and even purple worms. Many of these are exported to Neben-Skerah and Zoethall where they buttress armies with some of the more dreaded foes of the subterranean realm.