Geledh - Frellrar
Built16 War March 2850 LE

Imrik, once the capital of Volgad, now a ruin, has a large labyrinth beneath it. The first part of this area, built as a place of study and training, is named Geledh. It was built by the Šukhan Legion, a place of retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city hundreds of feet above.

After the fall of Volgad in 527 HE, others came here. Some expanded it to suit their needs, others just made it their lair. Currently, the area is loosely claimed by the dragon lord of Gauk Sael. Botaff fire giants, Igurkesh, and other minions and slaves do the work of expanding and guarding what has long been a contested area.

Geledh has many passages descending into the deeps of Badmaer. The most important of these connections is Hallabor. During the time of the Volgads, this Underdark passage served as a road of commerce between Imrik and the drow city Phaerssysn. When the Volgads fled north, the fire giants consolidated their hold on Borngring. Then after being united under Kelksorli and establishing the kingdom of Hofthorm, they tried to make contact with the drow. The drow wanted nothing to do with the giants, fighting them for five years. The fire giants, driven from Imrik, left the place to be taken over by those seeking a new home.