RegionGreat Expanse
Ownerindependent city-state
Storm Giant20%
Eldritch Giant10%
Founded3 Temporal 15 LE

Built by storm giants that had served under Thjorygg, Heirgurd is sited along the shores of a sunken sea lake. Flanked by sheer cliff walls, topping out at 5200' along the northern rim, Heirgurd began as a camp for those working a marble quarry. White and green striated marble was hauled out by cranes and lifts, then sent overland to the palatial cliff homes dotting the Sunder Isles. Transport was hastened after a channel was expanded eastward to the sea. Now with barges, they could move the marble to the nearby islands and even further along the coasts to the halfling buyers of the Seven Vales.

In 1682 LC, Heirgurd and other places of the Sunder Isles were beset by the Thraedli. The oldest bloodlines of the Eldritch, they had dozens of ships under their command, and thousands that called them lords. Most saw them as raiders, but they had a deeper purpose. The Thraedli, like all Eldritch Giants, were deeply interested in items of magic and ancient lore. Wanting the storm giant's lore on controlling weather and handling lightning magic, the Thraedli and their private navies warred with the people of the Sunder Isles. Two decades of this came to an end when a Thraedli daughter married a renown storm giant captain named Thjorygg. This union led to the the transfer of magical knowledge without either side admitting defeat. Peace in the Sunder Isles, then along the coasts for thousands of miles to MiradalĂȘth brought great commerce. An increasing number of Eldritch settled at Heirgurd. Many of these gave up their old ways of plunder, turning to farming and fishing, serving the community through the Brotherhood of Thjorygg; the cult beginnings of the Church of Thjorygg.