Dark Woad

Dark Woad, 2nd Evolution
Creation22 Kindle 1123 LE

In 1121 LE, a few years after Gulfrek Hjard's eldritch giants sacked the Sand Pyramid of Power , they were putting out feelers for some help in a complex ritual. The Lith-Crillion put their own message out warning that any who helped the giants would be an enemy. The only person to respond to the giant's request for aid was Melrith. At the time she was not yet a god. Her influence was growing steadily across the lands. With her help, the giants used the tome Falling Leaves to create an evil variant of the Wood Woad that came to be known as the Dark Woad. Whereas wood woads are powered by Nature Energy, dark woads get their juice from Dark Nature Energy.

Dark woads are most common in the eastern forests of the Brucrumus mainland, from the eastern forests of the Aerie of Dragons and northward into Miradelg√Ľn and some as far as Ice Cap.

Racial Traits
Racial as Wood Woad
Alignment chaotic evil, neutral evil
Common Homelands