RegionIce Cap
Created22 War March 403 LE

Near the center of Fjorvir, the middle sector of the Ice Cap Region, is an unnaturally formed canyon. In the Lith-Crillion Era, 22 War March 403 LE, this eerie place was created when the necromancer Halavile Freydis destroyed a magical staff containing a great store of negative energy. Instead of exploding outward with all its remaining energy, the staff sucked in all the negative energy around it. This obliterated hundreds of undead fighting to defend their master. Unable to contain the massive amount of negative energy that flowed into him like a conduit, Halavile was blown into a million pieces. The resulting explosion caused a canyon to open in the glacier. Halavile's undead army was wiped out, as were most of those besieging his stronghold. The explosion altered the invisible energy that flows through the area. These ribbons of energy, a product of the marvel COA 411, bent around the rift and made it so that the area no longer has a connection with the Web of Magic. The rift became an arcane void where no magic functions, a dead magic area. This does not prevent the haunting of it by lost spirits. The place is plagued with the screams and voices of the goliath and eldritch giants who fell into its depths. It was named after Halavile Freydis, as testament to his power and a warning to those who delve too deep into Maen Saetild.

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