Death Giant
RegionIce Cap
Death Giant45%
Shadow Giant35%
Eldritch Giant Shade20%
Symbolblack sphere
Established18 Temporal 377 LE

Khaa'khas is an ancient order of Eldritch giants that have given themselves up to necromancy or the shadows. Those following the path of necromancy become death giants, while those taking the path of shadow go on to become shadow giants or shades. During the long reign of Saer Erkjorg, the Khaa'khas served as both a general staff and made up part of a confederacy government.

The order was established in the Lith-Crillion Era after the discovery of the Halatrax.

It all begin in 375 LE when sailing the icy waters of Nautrek, scouring the coasts and inland for relics left behind from the two great wars of the Dawn and God Eras. In the late hours one night, the bell sounded the collision alarm brining all scurrying to their stations. Topside, we all looked in awe as a massive ship slowly emerged from one of Nautrek's all too common fog banks. This ship was bigger than anything we had ever heard of, towering five masts over our own. We moved out of the path of the slow moving hulk and then watched for a rain of missiles from her decks. When this did not come, and her decks and portholes showed no sign of movement, we moved aside her for investigation. There was no way to get topside, so we used our mountain climbing gear and crimped our way to the top. The top deck, 400' above the ocean below at its lowest, was tossed with shattered rigging, birds nest, including what looked to be an abandoned roc's nest. The size of the deck was thirty times larger than our own. The lower decks turned out to be the living quarters of all manner of undead and other creatures of the shadows. The creatures were nothing like we see today, instead being monstrosities of Chaos, once soldiers of some primordial that battled the angels and gods in the Creation War.

After losing half of my boarding party, we retreated back to their galley with ancient magic weapons and coffers of gems, platinum, silver, and a cluster of scrolls. The most important piece of the loot were the ancient scrolls, teachings on necromancy and the mechanics of tapping into the fell energies of Deaths Kindle.

- Rarnskeggi, captain of the Svold Kilf - "Boarding the Halatrax"

The scrolls that Rarnskeggi and his crew plundered from the Halatrax are the Scrolls of Maen. They led to the development of the Maen Saetild school of necromancy and and gave rise to the Khaa'khas. A group of eldritch giants that delved deep into the workings of Shadow Energy, giving up part or all of themselves to become shades, shadow giants, and death giants.