Dafrlami Church of Ares
RegionTroll Bogs
Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesAres, Arcana, Poseidon
Founded16 War March 1642 LE

Dafrlami was built in the Lith-Crillion Era by pirates serving the interests of the eldritch giant empire Saer Erkjorg. The settlement began as a depot for long-range expeditions made by eldritch giants seeking to plunder Lith-Crillion settlements scattered across Midrêth. In the Lith-Crillion Era, the nearby island of Arcana was the heart of Lith-Crillion civilization. As a result, Dafrlami turned into a permanent base for mounting raids upon them. It began as a thorn in the side of Felth and then a major problem that would ultimately drive the Lith-Crillion from Arcana.

Dafrlami remained a base for pirating by mixed races into the Horgon Era. When it grew to have a local government and a population of more non-pirates than pirates, it began to take on a more civilized path. By the beginning of the First Epoch, it had grown to a city-state of 25,000 souls.

Thanks to Dafrlami's past it has a rich collection of Lith-Crillion history that is unrivaled on Bal-Kriav. Descendants of the Thraedli, now of many different family names, still live in the city and are quite influential. Dafrlami has never given up on pirating, with them supporting it and even harboring those if it is in their interests. This is not unusual, since all of the holds that make up the Tarag-Khâlu Enclave do the same.

The city has three major churches, Ares, Arcana, and Poseidon. The church of Poseidon and Arcana were started by the eldritch giants and that of Ares by outsiders. The city's population is a melting pot of many races of the surrounding regions, Tragarans from the Lands of Purity, Turkûn of the Clans, Theegans from the Northern Hordelands, lizardfolk and goblins from the Troll Bogs, and others.

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