Belras Foroderch

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Belras Foroderch is one of the top areas in the realm for studying the arcane. It was built in the God Era by some of the first mortal followers of newly made god Arcana. They built the place on the northernmost island of Jolmgar. It was built to be very large in all areas so that it could accommodate any seeking to study magic among others of similar interests. Much of Belras Foroderch was built by Jolmgar's cyclops. Since they designed and built the place it has features that are common among cyclopean buildings - large round openings serving as windows and doorways, domes atop columns, and circular buildings. The window openings of Belras Foroderch are mounted with a single pane of glass or a latticework of them. All of this glass comes from the smoldering lands of Gludragh.

The site for its construction was chosen because of its proximity to an arcane marvel called COA 411. Some even claim that it sits at the intersection of a band of power flowing between the Cube, Gludragh, and Ice Cap. The latter two being regions that course with magical emanations from the Cube. The study of magic has been going on for so long at Belras Foroderch that some have become worshipers or fanatics of the Cube. One of the largest of these groups are the Cube Zealots, and though viewed by many as eccentrics or crazies, they are valued for their research on the Cube of Arcane.

In the Second Epoch, the arcanists of Belras Foroderch began work on a series of towers and structures to contain, redirect, or manipulate the energy coming off the Cube of Arcane. This network of towers is the Foroderch Cordon. The first two of this marvel were built as part of the Voruth Anharr Project.

As a result of hostilities between the Eldritch Conclave and the Khazarkar Empire, Belras Foroderch is crawling with Khazarkar spies and assassins. Even so, a cautious and powerful Eldritch mage has a decent chance of getting around without being taken out.

Notable Personages
Kryn'tot7th Order Instructor of the Arcane, Tower of Gimir-Zarun
Netch'a11th Order Instructor of the Arcane, Scion of the Cube