Maen Fyrk Boundary Ward

RegionIce Cap
Built28 Brightstar 1611 LE

The Maen Fyrk Boundary Ward encases Frosvirk and Maen Fyrk. As a result of a necromantic catastrophe at Frosvirk, the land around the giant city became tainted with necromantic energy, forming a substance called ebony ice. All of the residents of Frosvirk lost their souls to an abyssal entity and many subsequently became very powerful undead.

When Saer Erkjorg learned of the desolation at Frosvirk, they sent down their top arcanists to contain the necromantic energy pouring out of the area. These eldritch giants used Lith-Crillion magic, arcane lore looted from MiradalĂȘth, to create a boundary ward around Frosvirk and Maen Fyrk. They anchored this magic with towering monoliths made of tolm.

TamlĂȘrran wizards modelled the Elemantum Boundary Ward on the Maen Fyrk Boundary Ward.