Otriring Phoenix Gut

Otriring ruin
AliasPhoenix Gut

Otriring is a vast cavern network near the center of Huzar-Arân. In the God Era, Set created the Khazarkar race and sequestered them in this area. He used life energy and powerful magic to bring the Underdark area to life as if it were a surface area basking in the rays of Merioss and Khâls Forge and experiencing weather and the changing of the seasons. This artificial environment, along with Furrouth educators, helped the Khazarkar civilization advance rapidly.

In 255 LE, Set's theft of Danzar-Khâls Surveyor, and its illegal use in Creation was found out. Danzar-Khâl, a true Creationist, went to the Hall of Edicts, charging Set with theft, and the illegal use of the powers of Creation for the sole purpose of acquiring Divine Power. Set was ordered to give up the Danzar-Khâls Surveyor and have his people abandon Otriring.

They are to go elsewhere and eke out a living without divine help, like all the other mortal races.

- Bruh Kreniik, to Set, reading out the courts decision - "Direct Assistance to Mortals is Forbidden"

So that Otriring would not be re-inhabited by others seeking to benefit from its artificial environment, the life energy in the area was accelerated so that things here grow extremely fast resulting in accelerated aging such that one would age a life time in a matter of days. This results in anything living in Otriring to grow and age faster, reaching adult hood in two or three days, yet dying a few days later. This area is so dangerous that anything can succumb to its super-charged life energy - including the Higher Powers. Undead that enter the region find themselves withered away in a matter of hours or seconds for the petty ones. Constructs which are themselves touched with a bit of life energy, break down after a few weeks. After death it does not end for the living, for they are reborn in hours and continue the cycle. This endless cycle of rebirth led to some calling this area the Phoenix Gut.

The Khazarkar civilization thrived in this area for three centuries. They were forced to the surface in 255 LE, and harried constantly on their journey north to Gulimbor.

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