Otriring ruin

Otriring is a vast cavern network near the center of Huzar-Arân. In 9450 GE, a former Covenant colonel named Set created the Khazarkar race. They had their beginning in the paradise-like conditions of the Otriring Caverns. These conditions came from Set using life energy and powerful magic to bring plenty to the subterranean area, making an artificial environment where his people would thrive. It had artificial light, akin to the rays of Merioss and Khâls Forge, weather and changing seasons. It was hoped that this artificial environment, along with Furrouth educators, would more rapidly advance the Khazarkar civilization on a world with already established civilizations.

In 255 LE, Set's theft of Danzar-Khâls Surveyor, and its illegal use, were discovered by Danzar-Khâl. Taken to the Hall of Edicts, Set was charged with the illegal use of a tool of creation. The artificial environment of Otriring was to be dismantled, and Set's illegal creations, the Khazarkar were to make it on their own.

They are to go elsewhere, eternal nomads, living on their own merits.

- Bruh Kreniik, to Set, reading out the courts decision - "Eternal Nomads"

So that Otriring would not be re-inhabited by others seeking to benefit from its perfect artificial environment, the life energy of the area was greatly accelerated; so much so that the living age a life time in a matter of days. This made Otriring so dangerous that anything can succumb to its super-charged life energy - including the Higher Powers.

The Khazarkar went to the surface, rebuilding their civilization at Llebres.

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