Fros Idar

Fros Idar - Skycius
RegionNorthern Hordelands

Fros Idar is a mountain range of the Northern Hordelands. Long home to hill and stone giants, it is most remarkable for the huge earth motes floating over the area. Some are homes to clans of cloud giants, storm giants, and a dragon or two. The largest of these earth motes is the Honeycomb Mine. In the Second Epoch, heavily mined by the Fargimdal, it was the source a a great vein of platinum. Tapped out, today it holds the nests of a dozen wyverns, and a large Theegan outpost, sky riders in service to the Witch Horde.

On the eastern side of this mountain range is the Vuzaras Oven, the only active volcano of the range. Continuously rumbling and spewing smoke, its eruptions generally flow east into a geothermal wasteland.

Fros Idar's lower elevations are home to Theegans, gnolls, bugbears, and flying terrors like wyverns and hippogriffs. The Theegans train and ride the hippogriff into battle. Their skill with these mounts is equal to the lowland Theegans mastery on horseback.