Yarrokhal Enchantry
Founded2 Hollow 572 LE

Yarrokhal is sited along the southern banks of the Siralda river where it empties into the Salzârrâk strait. It was founded in the Lith-Crillion Era by the Tilnangau, becoming the first sea port of the Tragarans.

This place has changed hands many times over the epochs, having initially been built and then owned by the Tilnangau, then by series of demon governors answering to Varelay, several times serving as a fiefdom for various vampire lords out of Zan Urk, then to the death knights of the Lix Tetrax and for short periods by other empires in the turbulent First and Second Epochs.

In the Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE), the majority of Tilnangau's refugees came here and lived for a few decades. They did not settle too much further south because at the time that would have put you in solid frontier. In 2639 LE, Varelay decided to seize the city as a vassal state. This required military action as the defenders, mostly Tilnangau descendants, knew all too well what it was like to live under the Varelay whip and demons and half-demons running amok. Abandoning the city, the refugees head south to Merorarg or some west to Sourm-Gar. At the time these two settlements were no more than small walled villages with populations of 3 to 6 thousand. The only force left behind at Yarrokhal was a garrison to hold the place while the population evacuated. This evacuation went by way of the Underdark with the escort performed by the deep gnomes of Garâl-Thûru. Yarrokhal refugees, mostly Tragarans, were taken through Katerus's Underdark and then to safe areas on the surface several hundred miles away. By the time Varelay's army broke into the place, Yarrokhal's army had left, leaving behind golems, magical monsters, and hundreds of undead to annoy the victors.

Raxcvillibus, founder of the Lix Tetrax, several times lost the place while he was away. These were periods when he was in the Hells as part of Apoxlins Sentence (1485 - 1683). While away, he left the place in the hands of someone who was never as good at keeping as he was. As a result, the place often became a fighting ground for those seeking a deep harbor and having a base to threaten their enemies. This included the likes of Ivory Asylum's naval forces, those of Ba'lith, and even Black Tide's admiral Jairall. When Raxcvillibus returned from a Tour in the Hells, he usually had no problem clearing out whatever rabble lay claim to the place, including several death knights that decided to turn it into their own petty fiefdom.

Over the ages since its founding, much evil has been committed at Yarrokhal; most of it during when Varelay held it and then during the times it changed hands in the period of Apoxlins Sentence. The evil acts ended up tainting the land for miles around it, including the harbor waters and outward for almost a mile. These areas are devoid of vegetation and unnaturally cold. Yarrokhal has a dark forge which gives the evil property to magic items made there. This enchanting area is not easily accessible, for the the ruins are haven to many spectre, wights, lesser undead like skeletons and zombies, and more powerful undead. Undead here are bolstered naturally from just being in the area's corruption, acquiring nimble bones, hardened flesh, and dead chill feats for as long as they remain in proximity to the ruin; five miles radius by land, one mile by sea.

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