RegionLands of Purity
Founded28 Saunas 1900 LE

In 1900 LE, poorer yuan-ti and their Lorhazi trouble-makers found themselves driven from Ikhen's great raft city Hazarâph. These exiles went west, following Galathien's southern coastlines then making an overland trek to Sinarag. In this tainted swamp they found themselves threatened by those who had no interest in sharing the land. Packing a lot of firepower and with trained soldiers, the exiles kept their foes at bay while they built a fortress on somewhat solid ground. Their Lorhazi leaders then planned on how to bring those around them under their dominion. Most of the construction was done by the yuan-ti. They built on the style of the ziggurat holds of the east, Baziranâth and Loothu'n. It was named Nagapolis, appeasing the vanity of their scaly leaders, the so-called Daughters of the Marilith.

Nagapolis sits astride the black river Nithiach. It is built in and around six hills, three of which are unnatural. The earth and stone is mined from underneath and shipped in on barges. Part of the Troll Bogs, an area always shifting and seemingly sinking, material is always needed to shore up an area from disappearing under the swamp's black waters. The walls of the city are 120 feet height, another 80 feet of sunken wall serves as the foundation; city engineers are aways busy repairing sinking foundations.

Nagapolis is a haven for watery creatures, so it is built with their comfort in mind. It has many canals and swampy parks and pools. For outsiders, crossing the swampy areas or taking a dip in a pool or canal can be deadly. The city has several upper levels where outsiders not used to getting around in the water can reside or do business.

The city's population is mostly comprised of trolls, Graagvrii, Lorhazi, and yuan-ti. The city's naga, the Lorhazi, are considered the most privileged, followed by the yuan-ti.

In 1072, Nagapolis became the capital of the Ningizzida Empire.

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