Jakorek is a range of colorful sandstone spires along Izagunbar's northeastern coasts. These windswept peaks are buffeted from the north by the Pearl Sea, or sliced northwesterly from winds coming up the Salzârrâk sea. The range's many varieties of sandstone have been found in the great columns of Atloknar, in the basins of Mularûn, and far away in the High Wood Country, with green, brown, and yellow colored pillars lining Nápoldë's great halls.

In Jakorek's upper elevations are the keeps of stone giants and the palatial homes of storm giants. These people have been in this area since the time of the Creation War. Other more predatory creatures roam these elevations. The most dangerous are roc, which the giants sometime ride, flocks of griffins, and a few dragons. The range's goat population is such that the giants and other hunters rarely come to blows over food. In the lower elevations, are the homesteads of Elderaunts and other Ivory Asylum peoples. Most of these people work in the sandstone quarries.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, these highlands were the base of operations for forces serving under Atlas. At the time, he was a mortal, a hero known far and wide. He aided the region's people against a race he believed did not belong in the Mortal Systems. This race was the Lith-Crillion. In the Izagunbar region, these Lith-Crillion were based out of the Pyramid of Anti-Nature. From this marvel of engineering, the Lith-Crillion studied the land and its people, seeking out lore and relics of previous ages. Many of these things and places were claimed by others, yet that did not stop the Lith-Crillion from using often underhanded means in getting access to it, including force.

Notable Areas