Second Dragon Wake

TypeDragon Wake
Period1361 LE - 1366 LE

The Second Dragon Wake was brought on by Sotiisk'lum's frost giants violating the sanctity of the great rift Viing'deyvut. It began when these hunters cast nets and fashioned equipment to capture dragons as they made their way towards the great caverns of Viing Lok. After their first week of successes, capturing a young white dragon and then an adult blue dragon, Viing'deyvut's dragon wards were triggered. This activated the Dovah Vopraan, a magical ward that began to hum, getting quieter each day for seven days before it got to a tone that becomes a biological trigger for dragons, awakening them from any slumber, making them wild and often enraged.

The seven day countdown is Bahamuts Mercy. It gives the land time to prepare for judgment.

- unknown

For five long years, the dragons across Bal-Kriav took out their aggression on anything smaller than them. The frost giants of Sotiisk'lum, the cause of all this, were nearly wiped out. It would be centuries before they had the numbers to cause problems for those around them.

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