Otriring Rebalancing

Period255 LE

In 9450 GE, a Covenant leader named Set used an ill-gotten tool of creation, Danzar-Khâls Surveyor, creating a race beholden to him. This was followed by two more races, the three collectively known as the Khazarkar. Made in secret, they were sequestered in the deeps of Maenedhel, in the artificial environment of the Otriring Caverns.

Another variation of the human stock? Is this gonna be fair to the elves, other races of Bal-Kriav?

- Corellon, to Set - "Otriring Trial"

In Otriring, the Khazarkar civilization was helped by Furrouth educators. Under the watchful eye of Set, the Furrouth were charged with advancing his people to the level they could exist with older races on the surface.

In 255 LE, three centuries after his artifact was stolen, Danzar-Khâl tracked Set down. After learning of the illegal use of a tool of creation, he took the case to the Hall of Edicts. Set, who would not become a Higher Power for another four centuries, was charged and his people forced out of Otriring's paradise-like conditions. On the surface, Khazarkars founded Llebres and other holds along the eastern edge of Klak-tak.

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