RegionIce Cap
Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesAsmodeus, Atlas, Kossuth
Founded29 Bloom 714 LE

Hel is a goliath city on the fringes of the icy wastes of Ice Cap.

Late in the God Era, dozens of goliath tribes came to dwell in the northern tracts of Brucrumus. They left the rugged and dangerous lands of Denerra and built villages in a more hospitable land. Most of them settled on the northeastern coasts of Kindarum.

After two centuries of growth and prosperity, the goliath as well as others of this land, began to suffer from a changing environment. The land begin to change from bitter cold and blizzards, all blowing in from the seas to the west. The goliath were forced to abandon their settlements and move further inland. The land they claimed proved to be even better than the areas on the coasts, with valleys lush with vegetation and game. Unfortunately, the cold and snow did not stop, so they continued to migrate west with the ever-slow expansion of what would become known as Ice Cap. The temperate coasts and vales of the lands left behind, slowly changed to sub-arctic and then to arctic conditions. The changing climate and glacial spread wiped out the temperate plant-life and those that lived off it, and in time came to be the abode of creatures normally found only in high mountains and frigid environments.

One group of goliath, having been driven west for a millennia, made a stand in the Begnhidrir valley. In this valley they found three ancient temples dedicated to a demoness of fire. In the Church of Atlas, in Hel, is a Scroll of Dawn that says this demoness was a half-demon spawned from some angel and what legends say was the first succubus.

Fallen Angel and Succubus

The succubus and her prey, their names stricken from all records and all those who knew them. It was agreed by all who knew of the matter, both good and those not so, to drink from the water of Lethe and not to resist its forgetfulness - thus the names and important information about them were magically forgotten.

- Athena, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Born of Deception"

The demon worshipers of Begnhidrir were obviously giants, seeing that the temples are all built to massive proportions. The temples were bloody affairs with gruesome torture devices built to stand the test of time. The massive cauldrons, the center-piece of each of the temples, were used as instruments of sacrifice. When the goliath came to this valley, they fired up two of the temple's cauldrons. This was not done out of chaotic motives or desperation, but instead after communing with Atlas and other gods. The Church of Atlas firmly states that the general consensus from these communes was that the demoness these temples once sated, is long gone and that the fires within them are safe to harness.

The fires of the Temples of Begnhidrir were used to deflect the glacial advance of Ice Cap. Glaciers, snows, and any other precipitation melts or evaporates as it gets within twenty miles of one of the Temples of Begnhidrir, and within a mile of them, flask and vials will see their contents begin to boil away or burst from pressure.

The settlement of Hel is built around the southernmost Temple of Begnhidrir. This temple's main cauldron is closed off and unlit. The temple's smaller cauldrons are lit and used by the city among other things, in steam baths and for generating hot water.

Many of Hel's citizenry are staunch followers of Atlas. The city also serves as learning center for religious matters pertaining to not just Atlas but nearly every other god of the realm and about others that have come and gone. The Church of Atlas has vast vaults with tomes dating as far back as the God Era.

Hel has resisted religion conversion efforts by Khazarkar proselytizers of Set and fought battles with them over their efforts to bring Set worship into Begnhidrir. Outside of the religious spectrum, the Khazarkar Emire and Hel have strong economic ties and give aid to one another when dealing with the frost giants of Netheram. This relationship also keeps MinĂ¢th from becoming citizens of Hel.

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