RegionIce Cap
Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesAtlas, The Concubine
Founded29 Bloom 714 LE

Hel is a Goliath city on the fringes of Ice Cap. Late in the God Era, its founders migrated to the northern tracts of Brucrumus continent. They had left the rugged and dangerous lands of Denerra for safer lands. Most of them settled on the northeastern coasts of Kindarum. Eleven years later, with a successful colony, they packed up and moved south. They were convinced by their head shaman, duped by his lover wearing a Coronet of the Concubine, that great prosperity and game lie further south.

The Goliath moved three hundred miles south, settling in the verdant vale of Begnhidrir. In this valley they found three ancient temples dedicated to a half-demon of seduction. They were to learn that these great temple sites were built by fire giants and others enraptured by a cambion named Khaarane; better known today as The Concubine.

Hel is built around the Heart of Mephi'khar, the middle religious site of three known as the Temples of Begnhidrir. The cauldrons of the Heart of Mephi'khar, fed by alien fires, is used for heating the city's great bath houses, and through tubes, channels and canals, regulating the temperature of the environment around them.

Hel's citizenry are followers of either Atlas or The Concubine. As a result of the latter, the city has many pleasure houses. It is said their quality and services are unmatched anywhere on the world.

The city also serves as learning center for religious matters pertaining to not just Atlas but nearly every other god of the realm and about others that have come and gone. The Church of Atlas has vast vaults with tomes dating as far back as the God Era.

Hel has resisted religion conversion efforts by Khazarkar proselytizers of Set and fought battles with them over their efforts to bring Set worship into Begnhidrir. Outside of the religious spectrum, the Khazarkar Emire and Hel have strong economic ties and give aid to one another when dealing with the frost giants of Netheram. By treaty with the Khazarkars, Hel forbids citizenship to "renegade" MinĂ¢th.

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