M a d r a g h

Madragh - Hiznaar Goz
RegionAerie of Dragons
Founded15 Brightstar 412 LE
MapHiznaar Goz

Founded by fire giants in 412 LE, Madragh was the seat of power for six fire giant kingdoms. The last, and longest running, was the Talothand Monarchy (212 HE - 780 HE). After the fall of the Talothand Monarchy, Madragh was given to ruin. For the conquerors, the Zeymah'kein, it was too sprawling to maintain. Once home to more fire giants than any other place on the world, only a few dozen live here today. For the others, Madragh is a place of shame, where a mighty empire and proud people were cast into history as the defeated and scattered.

Built for fire giants and their slaves, Madragh is a massive ruin with streets going into a mountain and others diving into the depths beneath. Around the city, in the cliffs are narrow roads to old ruined chateaus and sometimes their occupants, giant eagles and sometimes wyvern. Nature has overtaken many areas, with trees growing out of buildings and streets. Many things roam this area, bandits, treasure seekers, beasts and monsters like cave bears, troll hounds, giant bats, leucrotta, and snowy great cats and others more dangerous. The ruin is also home to organized groups, with the far northeast part claimed by Mayhem, cell of Entropy. They control the mountain pass north into the Sands of Hell.

Notable Areas
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