Maziggandîm Conflict

Clans - Narbuzad
Period348 LE - 355 LE
Lith-Crillion VS Tarband-Khâl

In 348 LE, Lith-Crillion explorers out of Aggda came to what was then called Maziggandîm. In this western coastal region, they began searching for relics and structures left over from the Dawn and God Eras. These explorers were militarists seeking advanced technology, and unlike the other Lith-Crillion based on Arcana Isle, they tended to resort to violence after failed diplomacy. The area of most interest to them was Nemexus. In the Creation War, this area had once served as the abode and research center for the disembodied thinker Ingu'lumin. The Lith-Crillion saw the wondrous appearance of the place, yearning for exploration. At the time the place fell in the territory of the Tarband-Khâl. The Mîmêk of this city were unwilling to let the Lith-Crillion plunder it "for the good of civilization".

You say you come in peace and searching for relics that will progress civilization for all friends of the Lith-Crillion, yet you come here armed to the teeth and with units spread out in the distance in military camps. So, if we don't let you into Nemexus, you take it by force?

- Khîmin-Nalud, to the Lith-Crillion emissary - "Hidden Blades"

Diplomacy broke down after a few days. The Lith-Crillion turned to force. The Mîmêk were hard-pressed because just one Lith-Crillion was a match for 10 normal soldiers. They employed magic and other technological wonders that made them even more deadly on the siege of Tarband-Khâl. The most dangerous of these were squat golems, 20' tall, that hurled discus-shaped rocks at the towers, walls, and even troop concentrations. Just one of these objects could bring down a dozen men. The Mîmêk were able to hold out as long as they did because of sheer numbers. Their population of 30,000 was a hundred times larger than the Lith-Crillion force that came against them.

The Lith-Crillion changed their strategy in the third year of the war when they shifted their attack against Nemexus. They secured this place three months later and began a defense of it. It was inside this place, that they found ancient primordial relics and troves of literature that gave them an insight into the Web of Magic. The Libram of Aggda has a chapter on Web Weaver beginnings at Nemexus. As if hiding the conflict required to get it, the writing makes no mention of the Maziggandîm Conflict.

The Andam Gathal, the archives of Munarkûn, has a full account of the Maziggandîm Conflict. One rune tablet says the Lith-Crillion came out of Nemexus hurling bolts and balls of energy that grew in strength in months rather than the years required for understanding the Web Weaver mastery. If this is true, they either picked it up faster than today's practitioners, or they learned Ingu'lumin's secrets of manipulating the Web.

- Hlothram Pûta , Weave History professor of the Tangled Weave - "Lecture 4A-2K"

Near the end of 352 LE, the Tarband-Khâl were hard-pressed. It was during these dire times that cultists of Baalzebul insinuated themselves into Tarband-Khâl society. These agents promised aid and even a place of refuge against the Lith-Crillion. The most dangerous and convincing of these cultists were the Disciples of Baalzebul who proved their meddle by assassinating one of the top intelligence personnel of the Lith-Crillion at Nemexus. Over the next year, Baalzebul's cultists were in every unit fighting for the defense of Tarband-Khâl. Their intelligence gathering proved so good that they replaced the Tarband-Khâl's army intelligence. Even with these advantages, the Lith-Crillion assault slowly gained momentum. During this time, most of the non-combatants were holed up in mining camps or in the tunnels of Zurukthûr. Some even went deeper to an area of Unaraggumak that served as the training and learning area for the cultists of Baalzebul.

On 19 Witchrite 355 LE, Tarband-Khâl fell to the Lith-Crillion. Most of the people had already left, and the Lith-Crillion gave free passage to the defeated to join their people in Zurukthûr, but they warned that because of their dirty fighting and conspiring with a fiend that they were not allowed to re-inhabit Tarband-Khâl and must give up any claim to Nemexus. Initially, the top brass wanted to continue the fight, but their minds were changed by the Inner Circle, the leading Disciples of Baalzebul. As a partying gift, the Lith-Crillion gave them several trunks worth of scrolls and books looted from Nemexus. One of these books was on experimental uses of steam to pump water. The refugees of Tarband-Khâl fled into the great sinkhole Zurukthûr and then into the Underdark region Unaraggumak to settlements like Dushinbal and Munarkûn.

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