Belêth-Kazîr - Celedhrel
Built28 Saunas 742 LE

Belêth-Kazîr was built in the Lith-Crillion Era by the hero Gimir-Zarun and a group of eldritch giants deeply interested in the arcane; and their own personal advancement. There experiments forever changed the Nelaryotar Forest.

In this crystalline tower, an insane Lith-Crillion used forbidden magic, creating a spatial rift, swapping a forest on the world of Kriav with one of our own.

Supposed to be temporary thing, for reasons still unknown, perhaps a breakdown in the arcane energies of the Web, this alien forest is trapped here forever.

- Kryn'tot, 7th Order Instructor of the Arcane, Belras Foroderch - "Tower of Gimir-Zarun"

With the arrival of magical monsters and anomalies of Nelaryotar, things alien to this world, Belêth-Kazîr was strengthened. A series of permanent prismatic walls were erected to protect vulnerable areas and many golems were fabricated to help guard the place. These defenses could not stop the instability caused by the arcane energy coursing through the forest. As a result, parts of Belêth-Kazîr defy physics and the laws of structural integrity. This is reflected in walkways that jut out from the edifice and are unsupported yet are as strong as if they were and towers at right angles to the central structure which would normally collapse for lack of support.

Inside Belêth-Kazîr is the arcane forge Gimir-Zarun Arcaneum. A powerful device, it has been used to create blutium golems, Robes of Belêth-Kazîr and many other magical items like cloaks, robes, staffs, rods, and wands.

Belêth-Kazîr is a place of arcane learning rivaling places like Belras Foroderch and the Magis Institute. It is run by eldritch giants and generally neutral in its dealings with visitors and the affairs of the lands around them.

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Notable Areas
  • Gimir-Zarun Arcaneum