Built17 Temporal 802 HG

Varyon is a monastery for monks and psionicists. It is sited inside of an enormous, half-mile diameter crystalmote called Sarêthul. The crystal floats above the center of a lilac colored plain called Huzibân. In the Horgon Era, explorers out of Lagaer came to this crystalmote and were awed by it. Some of them were so drawn to it that they remained and contemplated its mysteries. Over months and sometimes years, the Kriavian Elves learned how to use their minds to produce all sorts of effects and affect the minds of others. A monastery was built near Sarêthul and others with the aptitude were trained in using their minds, thus becoming the first psionicists of their tribe.

As they grew in power, they began to bore into Sarêthul. A new monastery was established inside this crystalmote. During the construction of Varyon, they used disintegrate in some areas and powers of sound to weaken the crystal to a degree that it could be manipulated. It was found that sound could not shatter it, but instead made it malleable.

Sarêthul is almost a half-mile in diameter. Varyon is spread across much of this area. Some areas of the monastery cannot be reached without flying or teleportation. Varyon is protected by Fists of Zuoken and psionicists called the Nenercarnë. This kriavian elf name, like the word Varyon, have remained over the ages, even though the place's builders have long since moved on.

For a thousand years Varyon served as a refuge, a place of thoughts and serenity, and training in psionics. When the Khazarkar Empire came into this part of Cinazan, the place was held by a dozen monks and psionicists. They varied in racial make-up and were more interested in contemplation and peace than hostile actions. Khazarkars psionicists and monks came to learn at the place. In a century, they came to dominate the place and had established not one order but several sects within the place. The goals of them vary and sometimes oppose each other, but when a common threat rises, they unite to crush it with such psychic energy that only Huzibân can provide.

Varyon is within the Huzibân plain. As such, psionics in the monastery require 10% less power points. Psionicists are also treated as if they have the feat Psionic Affinity. The most dangerous aspect of the Huzibân is the overchanneling. Some psionicists can Overchannel when manifesting a power. At Varyon, and in the plain around, any psionicist can do this, and it is doubly effective and causes twice as much damage.
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