Varyon - Melvad
Built17 Temporal 2850 LE

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Kriavfahliil of Lagaer discovered a colossal crystal mote hovering over a lilac colored plain. They named this marvel Sarêthul; a tribute the near-divine beauty of Luthil's first daughter. A monastery named Varyon was built around the edges of this floating crystal, two-hundred-feet up. Beneficial to those of psionic potential or better, it became a place of learning for monks, mentalists and others delving into the secrets of psychic energy.

Varyon's temporary structures expanded into the Sarêthul crystal mote. Spells like disintegrate were used to blast away the crystal. In some areas they used sound which did not shatter the crystal, but instead made is soft and malleable.

Some areas of the monastery can only be reached by flying, teleportation or dangerous climbs.

Varyon is protected by an order of psionicists named the Nenercarnë; each a Fist of Zuoken

When the Khazarkar Empire came into this part of Cinazan, the place was home to only a dozen monks and psionicists. As part of a treaty to remain independent, they opened their doors to Khazarkar monks and psionicists.

Focus Effect

Psychic BoonPsionic use in Varyon requires 10% less power points. Psionicists are also treated as if they have the feat psionic affinity. The most dangerous aspect of Varyon is over-channeling. Some psionicists can over-channel when manifesting a power, but in Varyon any psionicists can do this, but it is doubly effective and causes twice as much damage.
Notable Areas
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