the ruins of Crillius-Sarrus
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Crillius-Sarrus is a fairly intact ruin southeast of Ratgorthor. It was built by the Lith-Crillion. It grew to be quite large in size, even though the population never exceeded more than 20,000 souls.

The ruin is sited in a very large dead magic zone called Balormene. The ancient dwellers of the city are responsible for creating this area of no magic.

Excavations into Girân were done to make cellars for wine and food. The digging of the fifth cellar stopped when our mining constructs struck hard stone. We surveyed the size of this obstruction and learned we were dealing with an enormous statue. The head and shoulders is what the diggers had struck. The survey of the area revealed that the statue had a height close to two hundred feet. We tried everything against it, disintegrate spells, cyclops forged drills and titan-sized hammers, and used powerful alteration magic against it. None of these had the slightest effect.

Several years later, the archaeologists Muzar and his team returned from Benattanul. In these lofty peaks they found an ancient city, still intact, and dating back to a time when the gods and primordials fought for control of this world. They learned from a tablet inside Aphalur that Bal-Kriav and the Golden Seven imprisoned the stone colossus Ingugrek in this very hill. It was made as a prison for this former primordial soldier. On learning this, we decided that perhaps we had compromised the divine magic with our excavation. Girân was patched up and filled in. To protect the area from interlopers, we built a ziggurat over the prison.

I return to this old tome, 22 years have passed since we built the ziggurat over Girân. An arcanist's experiment has went terribly wrong and produced a spectrum of sounds that reverberated across the entire city. Every window is broken and our hounds went nearly berserk from the racket. The magical sounds have broken the spell shackling the colossus. It works to break itself from the hill and the ziggurat. Its movements are causing buildings to crumble, and the ziggurat is starting to give. The top arcanists fear we lack the resources to combat this thing. They have decided to dry up the magic in the area and hopefully create a new prison for the stone colossus.

The arcanists have succeeded, but at great cost to us all. A null magic zone now covers the city and a large area around it. The stone colossus has stopped moving. We must abandon this city, for without magic we are without purpose.

- Âro Idas, engineer of section Gimik-Girâk - "Girân Excavation"

The dead magic zone of this ruin has prevented serious exploration of the area. The ruins have come to be a lair for many undead. Some of the undead in the area can only be harmed by magic weapons, so entering this dead magic zone is a very dangerous undertaking.

In the Second Epoch, elderaunt explorers reported finding a crumbled ziggurat at the far northern end of the ruins. The head and shoulders of an enormous stone colossus is partially exposed in this rubble pile.

The Talaxan were awed, Inspired by the towering ziggurats and buildings of Crillius-Sarrus. They copied the architecture and built their settlements in the likeness of those at Crillius-Sarrus.

- Nulgûmâ, elderaunt engineer

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