Iizus Yeldah
Period890 LE - 897 LE
TheaterSea of Mourning
Enkii JuskIizus Yeldah

This war was the last of the five wars between two rival city-states, one of the sea elves of Merenwen and the other the sahuagin city-state of Onai'gom.

The war ended when Merenwen's High Council barely came to agreement, authorizing the use of a legendary artifact named Baton of Sathel. Not realizing its potential destructiveness in untrained hands, the city-state of Onai'gom and all its population were in terms of Creation, reconstructed or repurposed, becoming marine plants and fish.

It was as if the place never existed, a relic powerful beyond our imagination, and one used by Great Sathel carving mountains and valleys, shaping the sea to the needs of her creations, just as had so many other Creationists.

Petty mortals they were, draining a once great relic of nearly all its power, yet don't be fooled, Sathels Wrath is still a fitting weapon for near-godly champions.

- Albor Elphiroth, city historian of Merenwen - "Annihilation of Onai'gom"