CategoryFallen Empires
RegionDhark Bolg, Ma'Ohari
CapitalOrias Vual
Alignmentchaotic evil
EnemiesTilnangau, various tribes
Reign684 LE - 2764 LE
AerruxaTiyaphis AnutothTha'lith

Varelay was established by a demon named Aperoq. During the Demon Spawn War, he led a regiment of demons that invaded Bal-Kriav. The main army was defeated in a valley that is today called Imrabêl. In this war, Aperoq led the Vauquix. This regiment sized military unit, all demons, became legendary in the war. At the demon defeat at Imrabêl, the Vauquix escaped. They were so good at covering their tracks that they were never found.

When the God Era ended, the gods and angels left for their own systems. Centuries after their departure, the Vauquix came out of hiding. They warred with the tribes around them and subjugated many of them. They put the slaves to work building a massive citadel between Malephar and Cerbere. The citadel, now a great city, is called Orias Vual.

In 684 LE, eighteen years after the founding of Orias Vual, Aperoq established the Varelay empire. He named the empire after one of his favorite succubus; one that he accidentally killed during a fit of anger.

Three centuries after the empire's formation, Varelay controlled nearly all of Ma'Ohari and the Underdark region beneath. Tilnangau and most other large holdings across the region became either vassal states or slave holds of Varelay. In the campaigns to dominate all those around them and when there were no longer enemies to fight, demon usurpers were always at work trying to unseat Aperoq. These often involved wars between slave armies since the demon numbers were getting smaller with each passing year. Some of the more dangerous usurpers were the cambions. These half-fiends, were a product of the Vauquix. Aperoq built up massive fortifications and sent his slaves into the mountains and valleys to mine for iron and precious metals. The mining operations were done in the most reckless manner, with no regard for the environment or the integrity of the land around them. This led to an increasing number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This period of volatile activity became known as the Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE).

During Aperoq's long reign (684 LE - 984 LE), he and his succubus consorts created a lot of magic items and some new spells. On the first day of his 300th year of ruling, he was given a present from his succubus wizards. They gave him a crown, a scepter and an orb. All three artifacts were of unsurpassed magic. These items became known as the Regalia of Evil. When Aperoq mysteriously disappeared on the night of 1 War March 984 LE, the Regalia of Evil were left behind. They were lost during the wars that ensued after the disappearance of Aperoq. The wars for succession, wars with vassal states, and the Varelay Upheaval slowly destroyed the Varelay empire and reduced the few hundred demons that were still around from ancient Vauquix Regiment to a mere few dozen. They scattered to other parts of the realm, and a dozen or so have survived the thousands of years that have passed since the fall of Aperoq's empire.

Varelay disappeared thousands of years ago, but its legacy of evil has carried on. Across Ma'Ohari are many secret demon cults and areas of demon worship. The many relics and magic items created in this empire are still out there, buried in ancient ruins, stashed in some treasure horde, and occasionally popping up in a merchant stall or magic shop of some far-flung city.

The Varelay have left their mark on the realm with place names like Kimaris, and changing veins of platinum, turning it into an exotic precious metal called Varelay Platinum.

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