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Urkalzîr is a ruin in the northern part of Arcana. In the Lith-Crillion Era, this city served as a Lith-Crillion research center. They built a dozen zoos in and around the city, each with their laboratories for studying and experimenting with animals. Exloration of Urkalzîr is dangerous because of its topi guardians and other dire beasts which guard and prowl the ruins. A forest has grown up among the ruins which provides cover and makes it difficult finding any relics. There are four rivers that join at the city, forming a natural moat. These waterways have changed course with time and submerged parts of the ruins. The many canals that cut through the ruined city have long since clogged with debris. Some of these pools are fetid. The canals serve as the abodes of fish, frogs, turtles, and potentially more dangerous creatures.

Some of the cities of the Lith-Crillion appear to have been learning and research centers. For example the ruined city of Felth had many buildings and apparatus focusing on astronomy, while Urkalzîr had nature domes, ruins enclosures which probably served as zoos or pens, and it was protected by plant and animal guardians. Though we did not explore it, second-hand evidence spoke of a city called Aggda, which was a learning center for war.

- Arius, of Zhuts Explorers - "Travels in Arcana"

The ruins are sited in the Izradî valley. Urkalzîr is littered with red, yellow, blue, and purple crystal. Some of the buildings were obviously made of crystal, while others were decorated with them. On the river-fed moat that circles the city are islands holding the ruins of once beautiful homes and crumbling monolithic statues. These statues were all made to look like animals native to the island and other areas of Bal-Kriav. They found out about these others from dedicated exploration teams called the Sâlo Tânê. These groups traveled across the seas in submersibles like the Âni-Matîrûn and Âni-Nâthil. Later, even these were seen as too slow for communication with holds spread over vast distances, so they invented the Pyramids of Power. Of the thousands of statues in the ruins, some are still intact and have been known to animate and attack any non-animal.

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