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Urkalzîr is a ruin in the northern part of Arcana. In the Lith-Crillion Era, this city served as a Lith-Crillion research center. They built a dozen zoos in and around the city, each with their laboratories for studying and experimenting with animals. Exloration of Urkalzîr is dangerous because of its topi guardians and other dire beasts which guard and prowl the ruins. A forest has grown up among the ruins which provides cover and makes it difficult finding any relics. There are four rivers that join at the city, forming a natural moat. These waterways have changed course with time and submerged parts of the ruins. The many canals that cut through the ruined city have long since clogged with debris.

It is no mystery, the Lith-Crillion were ahead of their time. They knew more about this world and distant ones than what we know today. Here on Bal-Kriav, they sent out exploration teams called the Sâlo Tânê. These groups traveled the depths of Bal-Kriav's seas in submersibles like the Âni-Matîrûn and Âni-Nâthil. Once established in distant lands, they erected Pyramids of Power with their teleportation magic, easing movement between their far-flung outposts.

On Arcana, an isle littered with Lith-Crillion ruins, there are ruins that once served as research centers. The ruined city of Felth studied tidal forces and the mechanics of water energy. Urkalzîr was a place of nature, with domes dedicated to a particular environment, along with dozens of zoos and pens. Aggda, still heavily guarded by constructs and magic, served as place for studying war.

- Arius, of Zhuts Explorers - "Travels in Arcana"

Urkalzîr is littered with red, yellow, blue, and purple crystal. Many of the ruin's structures were made of crystal, while others were simply decorated with crystal found abundantly across the Izradî Valley. On the river-fed moat that circles the city are islands holding the ruins of once beautiful homes and crumbling monolithic statues depicting native animals and those of distant lands.

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