the dretch Buldumech
CategoryArtifacts, Tridents
Typeartifact, trident
ForgeBaying Furnace

Perhaps more than any other sentient item, the trident Buldumech has been a bearer's bane. This is because over thousands of years, the weapon has grown more intelligent and more manipulative. This inevitability has taken Buludmech's many owners down paths of glory and destruction. Buludmech's owners have become leaders of their tribes, organizations, and even tyrannical masters of empires, only to see them brought to ruin from either Buldumech's jealousy or boredom. Buldumech is a weapon of abyssal energy, bent on destroying civilization and spreading disorder and entropy.

On 526 LE, in the hands of the Unstable One, it was used in the slaying of Boggleen, Third Empress of Ă‚khi. Buldumech planted the ideas that would lead to the Buldapus Channel, and its unpleasant side effects, press gangs, slavery and wild periods of unrest.

Buldumech has a chaotic evil sentience, a product of using the psyche of a lowly dretch. When the weapon was forged, a dretch named Buldumech was chosen to empower it with sentience. This was not a gift to the lowly dretch, but a punishment dolled out by his master Yeenoghu. This demon prince hoped to keep the dretch Buldumech from progressing through the stages of demon change from a pitiful dretch all the way up the ladder to a balor. Buldumech had once been a balor, but fell in combat while serving Yeenoghu. As punishment for not following his orders to the letter and getting himself killed, Yeenoghu collected him from a demon spawning pond. Buldumech, reborn as a lowly mane, was allowed to progress to the status of a pitiful dretch. Yeenoghu then had him collected and killed with his demon essence magically transferred into an enchanted trident. In this weapon, Buldumech's psyche remained that of a dumb dretch for a long time, yet had the mental capacity to learn. His mental capacity was always there, even as a mane, but manes are usually not around long enough to develop it, yet when trapped in a weapon and exposed to many wielders over the centuries it learned and gradually filled a mind equaling that of a balor.

Buldumech is crafted of an abyssal metal and a shard from the shattered artifact Buldadel. Forged at the Baying Furnace, Buldumech has several magical sound effects; like Baying of Hounds which leave foes shaken, or the dreaded Cerebus Bark, sending foes screaming in terror.

Buldumech is a +8 trident of chaotic and unholy power.

Alignmentchaotic evil
LanguagesAbyssal, Infernal
GP Value??
Baying of Houndsall foes within 50' and subject to sound effects must make a Will DC22 or be shaken 3/day
Buldadel Taintforged from part of Buldadel, which itself was forged in the chaos forges of Grazadax, Buldumech has Chaotic Powercontinuous
Cerebrus Bark all foes within 100' and subject to sound effects must make a Will DC24 or be affected as if by the spell Symbol of Fear1/day
Unholy Power as the weapon special ability Unholy Powercontinuous
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