Phaerssysn Falls
Ownerindependent city-state
Founded18 Lunar 2255 LE
DeitiesLolth, The Concubine

Outside of the northern lands of Magrâbik, this city has the largest population of Nithians. They came to live among the city's drow during a long period of commerce and friendly relations between the surface city Imrik and and that of Phaerssysn, a city then and now predominately populated by the drow.

Phaerssysn tailors use a rare abyssal spider silk in much of the clothing they make. This art of weaving spider silk into a cloth-like material is called Haelssysn Weave. Much of the clothing worn by of the city's residents is Haelssysn Weaved.

One of the many beautiful sites of this city are three waterfalls and dozens of smaller ones cascade down from above. A tremendous amount of water comes down past the city, requiring thick doors and magic to deaden the sound in the living areas. Most of the water coming down is out of the highlands of Steirgar. There are canals cutting through the sprawling city, and channels into homes and the sewers. All the water eventually drains to the bottom-most level of the city, a thousand feet down where it becomes the headwaters of the Finedhel River. By way of this river, and the Throarstild Sea, Phaerssysn trades with the people of the Uromon city-state, the holds of the Gamakkhazar, and other settlements of the Badmaer Region.

Notable Areas