Sphere of Arcane

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A Sphere of Arcane is a fragment from a Cube of Arcane. It requires a special instrument of null energy to carve a piece out of the Cube.

A sphere of arcane is unpredictable, sometimes erasing the spells memorized by a user of the arcane, or draining the arcane energy from magical items brought near it.

- unknown

In 2612 LE, a special unit of demons fired a sphere of arcane at an inter-system rift. This closed the rift, leaving in its wake a smoking canyon that came to be called Toth Coeus.

One thing that has been used to carve a Sphere from the Cube of Arcane is the Matter Penetrator. Documents found at Geledh Arcaneum (c.f. Geledh) say that the Šukhan used a sphere of arcane to turn lava to water. This is similar, though on a much smaller scale, to the ocean water to lava conversion done at the Felân-Akthûl. A band of adventurers named Trauma Squad also found things in Geledh Arcaneum that were crafted from pieces carved from a Sphere - things like globules and orbs, which were just much smaller versions of a Sphere - but seemingly just as magic draining.

One of the first devices to use a sphere of arcane as a power source was Geb's Earthspear.

In the 1800s, the Giff League started using Spheres of Arcane to power their voidships. The prime example are giff platforms. Another ship that uses a sphere of arcane is the Pillar of Horns. That ship's Sphere was taken from a salvaged giff platform. This practice of harvesting magical power from the Cube is of major concern to some. They believe that taking from the Cube weakens the magic available to this world and could possibly lead to a Cube Collapse.

Spheres of arcane varying in size, with the one on the Pillar of Horns, 6' long by 2'6" in diameter. Since a sphere of arcane is composed mostly of arcane energy, it is light. The only thing giving it weight is the hardened membrane that encases it. This membrane is just like what is around the Cube of Arcane, a substance that is nearly indestructible, and impenetrable without specially designed magic tools. The Pillar's engine weighs about 220lbs.

Tetchgud's job title, Chief Arcane Engineer, is a new one. He's had to learn the workings of something that very few across the world have experience with. He knows a few things about his Sphere of Arcane, like that it's a parcel of energy cut out of something thousands of times bigger, that being a cube fifty miles on a size, a sort of battery for all of the world's magic. This battery powers the world's Web of Magic, a field of arcane energy that encompasses the world and all within it. The Web of Magic also serves as field to keep things out, like those that try to hop across worlds and systems by way of teleportation magic or rifts. He dissertation was on Throndar, a world with no Cube of Arcane, and no Web of Magic — a magic-dead world. It was a depressing thing to study, yet it has been that way for so long that Throndar's denizens know no different.

- from the Godspawn Saga