Maen Saetild

Typenecromantic lore
FoundersAsa Vaelund, Halavile Freydis, Hegnir Ittild

Maen Saetild is a path of necromancy focusing on life draining and soul sucking. It is a very dark and corrupting form of magic that defiles the land and the living. It was developed by the Thraedli of Frosvirk.

The Thraedli learned Maen Saetild by a lucky discovery. This happened very early in the Lith-Crillion Era when eldritch giants came upon the Halatrax. Aboard this colossal-sized ghost ship they found ancient scrolls and battled through hordes of undead and shadowy creatures. The scrolls they found came to be known as the Scrolls of Maen. They greatly increased their understanding of the Art of Necromancy and how to use shadow energy.

Maen Saetild was generally thought, at least by the angels tasked with finding and destroying it, to have been erased from the realm after the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). In this war, a primordial named Maen Grirngrim used a powerful form of necromantic magic to utterly destroy many of his enemies. One of these happened to be a holy god named Tiraigorûs. When the gods and their allies won the Creation War, they vowed to eliminate all traces of this magic from their realms. Frosvirk and the ebon ice fields of Maen Fyrk are proof that the gods and their angels did not find everything.