Maen Saetild

Typenecromantic lore
FoundersAsa Vaelund, Halavile Freydis, Hegnir Ittild

Maen Saetild is a Path of Necromancy focused on life draining and soul devouring. A very dark and corrupting form of magic, it defiles and corrupts the land and the living. Developed by the Thraedli of Frosvirk, it came about from a lucky discovery.

In 375 LE, a team of eldritch giants came upon the Halatrax. An ancient towering vessel, they moved to board it before it once again disappeared into some squall or fog. Aboard the Halatrax, they battled a horde of undead and shadowy creatures. The token few that escaped, had found trunks with ancient writings, the Scrolls of Maen. These were to greatly increase the Thraedli's understanding of the Path of Necromancy and the workings of Necrotic Energy.