Fire Giant10%
DeitiesGruumsh, Surtur, Tarâk
Founded14 Withrite 2634 LE

Bigmar began as a series of colossal bridges spanning the Hlond Stor lava river. The fiery denizens of Phazgamir, mostly fire giants and firenewts, did much of the work. They were free workers, paid by the city-state Akalgas. The purpose of the bridge was to open up trade with upper Kazgon. A few times the area was militarized with some petty lord seeking to turn the important crossing into a base. Akalgas was quick to eliminate these nuisances.

In the First Epoch, the lava lake Soti Nedd became the lair of salamanders. These fiery lizard-like humanoids have never been much for peace or commerce. As a result of constant raiding on trade caravans, Bigmar became better known for the town that grew at the base of the bridges. The town grew from the mercenaries, again mostly fiery denizens from the direction of Phazgamir. Until the town became self-sufficient, Akalgas paid their wages and the area's upkeep.

Bigmar is sited along the Sidari-Nyx; a passage linked to the Great Tradeway. The settlement's size is restricted by the treaties of the Great Tradeway. These treaties generally limit the size of settlements, garrisons and militarization of such areas. A special exception for fortifications was given to Bimar because of the constant threat from Soti Nedd's salamanders. The town's security is comprised of those representing the interests of the town, Mîmêk units serving Brogtrun, units protecting the trade interests of the Orchish Empire, and those serving Akalgas.

Notable Areas