Feywild Fuse

Feywild Fuse
Typeinter-system rifts between Tirion and other Mortal Systems

A feywild fuse is a temporary inter-system rift, lasting a few months, years, and sometimes decades. They allow movement between a Tiron world like Kriav and another world of another Mortal System. The most well-known of these rifts provide passage between the world Bal-Kriav and Kriav.

A feywild fuse begins when a plant or area becomes infused with equal amounts of nature energy and arcane energy. A plant that is feywild fused, allows those with spells like pass plant, plant door, and similar druidic spells along with spatial spells like dimension door and teleport, to pass through the feywild fuse, leaving one world and arriving in another in but an instant.

In the Tirion System, a plant that serves as feywild fuse is indistinguishable from other plants. This makes it very hard to find them. On the other side of the rift, it is just the opposite. A plant, even a place, will appear out of place, otherworldly. A feywild fused oak tree may be twisted and have leaves with edges like razors. It may shed its leaves at abnormal times, or have other unusual qualities.

The Kriavian Archives of Díronost hold scrolls claiming feywild fuses came about with the Cube Collapse.

On Bal-Kriav, feywild fused plants are unaffected by spells like diminish plant, plant growth, and other effects that alter the size or growth of them; yet these same spells function normally against them when cast in the Tirion System.

Marchenir and Gwildath, both empires of the world Kriav, use feywild fuses to colonize other worlds. All Bal-Kriav's kriavian elves are from one of these two empires. Most of Bal-Kriav's hobgoblins came in the same manner. The elves encouraged the use of these feywild fuses, directing the hobgoblins to their location. They forced them through the rift when they had to, happy to get rid of a people bent on fighting and war.

There are a number of orders and guilds on Bal-Kriav that monitor feywild fuses for strong activity. The most notable are the Portal Sentinels. They are financed by a number of empires and rich personages that do not want any sort of external influence to come across into Bal-Kriav. One of the duties of the Nature Protectorates is to keep tabs on feywild fuses in their regions.