Built21 Temporal 175 LE

Aggda was built in 175 LE by Urkalzîr as a defense against Gulvar Reif's giants and humanoids.

Aggda is an ancient ruin on the isle of Arcana. On a steep tableland called Gronder, though a ruin, it is in fact in very good shape. It is maintained by constructs left over by their former creators, over four millennia ago. In 1834, Zhuts Explorers investigated the ruins, and found these constructs to be of higher than normal intelligence and engineers of the highest order.

Aggda was built by Lith-Crillion militarists. Little is known of the place due to the numerous constructs, magical beasts and other magical defenses that attack or deter any raiders that come near this fabled city. Many rumors in the lands of Arcana speak of terrible war engines that reside in the place, or other relics that would greatly add to the power of any force that acquires them.

Aggda is in fair condition. Today, constructs maintain the defenses of the place with the most deadly being the Discus Constructs. The same cannot be said for the non-military buildings, as many lie in ruins or in such a state as to deter anyone from entering the crumbling structures.