Heart of Eden

Heart of Eden
Typedevice of the Lost Ages
LocationPyramid of Life

The Heart of Eden is an ancient device. A artifact of the Lost Ages, it was discovered in the Lith-Crillion Era by relic-seekers charged with finding such things. Aboard the Crillion Comet, they scoured worlds for dangerous things leftover from the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the Demon Spawn War, and things older than recorded history.

In the God Era, the Heart of Eden was removed from the world of Granitoid. A Lith-Crillion search party along with the help of some of Geb's minions, entered the domain of Storralk. A great record-keeper, they learned Storralk tried to undo the effects of his world being too close to the Sea of Entropy. Partly to blame for his lack of experience in making something as grand as a world, Storralk made Granitoid too close to the universe's entropic heart. This made Granitoid, like the other Elemental Ring Worlds, places where particular types of energy take hold. Granitoid was slowly becoming a focus for earth energy. Storralk hoped the Heart of Eden would do its trick, bring life and biodiversity to a world that Pirannoth joked was a barren wasteland. Terraforming on a world scale was too much even for the Heart of Eden. Storralk never used the device again.

In 208 LE, on the world Bal-Kriav, a great pyramid was built around this Heart of Eden. Like Storralk, the Lith-Crillion had the lofty goal of returning the Sands of Hell to the verdant valley it was before the death of Golruwyrm. Surrounded by an inhospitable desert, the Pyramid of Life and its engine, created bands of lush greenery outward for dozens of miles; yet nothing as grand as they had hoped.