Class30th wizard / 20th monk
TitleHead Arcane of Belêth-Kazîr
Born17 Hollow 55 LE
Died4 Kindle 1155 LE

Gimir-Zarun was unlike many other Lith-Crillion in that he saw other races as equals and not as tools to further their race's superiority over others and knowledge of the multiverse. He is first act of treason to his people happened at the research center Gallo-Bagd. He made off with several hundred Graagvrii, all legally purchased for use - but not for taking away from service to the Lith-Crillion as a whole. Gimir-Zarun saw the suffering of the Graagvrii in the high heat of the desert Sands of Hell which encased Gallo-Bagd. Out of compassion, he decided to take them to an area more hospitable.

These Graagvrii originally lived in Kagarr. They were mass dominated by Lith-Crillion trappers and then taken to Tubedellâm for "enlightenment". Many of my kind, consider this an enlightening experience for those captured, with the subjects being educated and shown superior methods which can only advance their civilization in the long term. What they often forget is that most of these creatures have a lifespan of a third of our own.

In Tubedellâm, the Graagvrii were teleported to the Pyramid of Life where they were tasked for public works in Gallo-Bagd and building canals where Drenvun empties into Erethor.

- Gimir-Zarun, from Personal Journal A-2T1 - "Enlightened Servitude"

Gimir-Zarun took the Graagvrii to sector Celedhrel and in the wetlands of Drenvun they were released. In this area they founded the settlement Estathess. Gimir-Zarun went to the forest Nelaryotar which at the time was a temperate forest like Rôzadruk or Mavraphas. In Nelaryotar, he encountered eldritch giants which were amassing troops to attack Gallo-Bagd. He convinced them that an attack would be certain death, either by conjured desert storms that would strip their flesh and bleach their bones or rays of light as hot as the surface of Merioss. He got the attackers to instead pool their resources with him in arcane research. He stated he would equally share with them everything he knows of his people's technology and understanding of the arcane. They went on to build the enormous edifice Belêth-Kazîr. The arcane experiments performed here led to the changing of Nelaryotar.

Gimir-Zarun and his eldritch giants are also credited with creating the first blutium golem.

Lith-Crillion and the eldritch giants have long been enemies. Gimir-Zarun's association with them made him an enemy of his own people.

Gimir-Zarun was 1100 years old when he died. Over several generations, the eldritch giants that stayed with him gave up their wicked ways. Today, Belêth-Kazîr is a place of arcane learning rivaling places like Belras Foroderch and the Magis Institute. It is run by eldritch giants and generally neutral in its dealings with visitors and the affairs of the lands around them.

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