Draugluin is a region that goes through periods of great decay and renewal. Scarred by the Cube Collapse of 1301 DE, every couple decades dark nature seeps in, beginning the decay. This lasts for about a decade, turning the entire region into a dead zone, a harsh time for the land and its denizens. This then reverses, with nature energy flooding in, beginning a rapid renewal, creating a verdant land of great abundance. Those of this region have adapted to these changes, splintering into smaller groups during times of want, then coming together in times of plenty.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) this region saw much conflict. On the Covenant side, it was under the watch of a general named Lolth. On the other side, were the legions of a demon lord named Goul'lumin. Fighting in this area for many decades, they too adapted to the Draugluin Decay, moving into the subterrrean tier beneath, building redoubts and fortresses in the great fungals of Castamion.

Cities of Draugluin
City 1FoundedElevation
Gryms Pasture????