Founded19 Dreamer 2311 LE

Garâl-Thûru was originally built as a network of Underdark fortifications to thwart Varelay's schemes of domination.

This desire of domination, a demon virtue, included just about every piece of land on the surface and beneath that they could find. During Varelay's long reign they came to hold territory across Ma'Ohari, Dhark-Bolg, and into the northern tracts of Azrik and Maleddanar.

- Nîr Ralc, Thrakopolis historian, excerpt from his book - "Demon Empire of Ma'Ohari"

The defenses comprised tunnels under tunnels, hundreds of rope bridges linking firing platforms and bunkers scattered across hundreds of stalactites. The installations on the cavern floor were even more numerous with the whole fortress network covering a five mile diameter. The defenses were formidable, having been designed by blutoid engineers with an interest in disrupting the plans of Varelay's demon masters. Like many other peoples, these blutoids of Mughakh-Gol joined or aided other groups inferior in strength to Varelay. The work of building out the area was mostly done by a Svirfneblin workforce-army numbering around 10,000. Following the designs of the blutoid architects, they constructed a chaotic array of defenses as a way to counter Varelay horde tactics. These fortifications were so effective that Varelay was never able to take all of them and secure the area, thus stopping the southwest axis of advance into Fangath. After the fall of Varelay, the fortifications were turned into living areas. Today, they are hardly visible inside a bustling city.

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