Eydreid - Thingrorn
Founded28 Temporal 5 LE

Eydreid was the Knudmid's first great settlement. With a long history of construction and engineering, honed in the great wars of the past, Eydreid was built with the same standards as to went into Bruh Gevul.

Eydreid is sited in an area of rocky spires and chasms. Many areas are linked by bridges and great spans. Some of the city's southern areas are under hills of sand, the edge of an unusual desert named the Sands of Hell.

Across Eydreid are memorials to Covenant heroes of the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). Today, these places are pilgrimage sites for followers of Ares, Athena, Bahamut, Hades, Phalgas, and Ptah.

In 311 LE, one of Eydreid's citizens, a crazed Knudmid named Hrodgridi, with plans of liberation, set to building an army. Said to have been secretly given to him by Geb, Hrodgridi used life energy and stone shaping magic, creating a new troll species, the first Crystalline Troll. Hrodgridi's desire to liberate his people from Lith-Crillion influence was never realized. Dying from madness, Hrodgridi lived to see only three generations of his people. Today, hundreds of Hrodgridi's crystalline trolls are home to Eydreid's Citrine Corridor.

Built for a 12' tall people, with a population of nearly 20,000 before things went bad, Eydreid is a huge sprawling place. Beginning in 1011 LE with the Stone Curse, the population went into a steep decline. Depopulated, too big to guard and maintain by a dying people, Eyedreid became a ruin.

Eydreid is in remarkably good condition. For a ruin, it has a sizable humanoid population that function as bandits, gangs, merchants and even small villages. An expansive place with many levels above and below ground, Eydreid is also home to manticore, sphinx, dragons, crystalline trolls, giants, and short-timers seeking refuge from harsh alluvial winds.

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