Grand Lecturer
Typefey protectors
RegionHigh Wood Country
Wood Woad15%
Alignmentschaotic neutral, neutral
Symbolinterlocked chain of spirits
EnemiesAntokepf, Melrith's followers
Established11 Bloom 75 LE

Einglach is a small fey organization of Feyrise. Its members come from the fey, treants, elder treants, centaurs, sprites, and dryads to name a few. Some of its members are ancient creatures that served in the Hedge Legion under then archangel Silvanus.

The Einglach see Feyrise as an unspoiled land, a sacred place for non-evil fey, one to be preserved from depredation by treasure seekers and raiders. They guard the area's four Great Fey Circles, ancient devices that have long allowed small groups to keep their larger neighbors away.

Einglach's leader is called the Grand Lecturer. The election of this individual is a big affair that happens every few centuries. The Grand Lecturer is tasked with keeping history, the tales of far away lands and distant peoples. They also give guidance based on precedent when managing social affairs, military operations and other civil duties. On becoming the Grand Lecturer, the treant becomes an embodiment of nature, acquiring a mighty ability to summon a spirit of the land in defense. Like the Great Fey Circles, the spirit of the land is a powerful deterrent to foreign aggression.