Grand Lecturer
Typefey protectors
RegionHigh Wood Country
Wood Woad15%
Alignmentschaotic neutral, neutral
Symbolinterlocked chain of spirits
EnemiesAntokepf, Melrith's followers
Established11 Bloom 75 LE

Einglach is a small, yet powerful fey organization in the northern tracts of Ohtarion. It is composed of treants, elder treants, centaurs, sprites, dryads and an assortment of other fey. Some of its members are ancient creatures, having served in the God Era's Hedge Legion under the then archangel Silvanus.

This organization is based out of Feyrise. They consider this area sacred territory of non-evil fey, a place to be preserved from depredation by treasure seekers and raiders. The forest with its four Great Fey Circles and many smaller ones is desired by those seeking to cross-worlds or tap into its strong pockets of Nature Energy. It is this energy that has allowed such a small group to keep at bay their much larger neighbors. They have had conflicts with all of them, Antokepf from the west, the Angrods from the south, Viidostor raiders from the north, and marauding Jara from the east.

Einglach is not an empire or nation, but a quasi-organization that only carries out governing when necessary. When they do come together, it is to defend their territory or to elect a leader. Einglach is so loosely governed that there have been times in history when settlers have come into Einglach territory and staked a claim. In the first Angrod Incident, it was a decade later when the Einglach rallied their forces and marched against the settlers, forcing them back to whence they came. This incident was bloodless, with the settlers lectured on how Einglach functions and laid out their borders. This first incident with the Angrods has continued with others which are largely based on the laws of the Mithrandír Codices. In short, one of laws of this tome says that an area that lays uncontested for eight months is free to those who settle it ( the Einglach routinely take far longer than six months to contest a claim ).

Einglach's leader is called the Grand Lecturer. The election of this individual is a big affair that happens every few centuries. The Grand Lecturer is tasked with keeping history, the tales of far away lands and distant peoples. They also give guidance based on precedent when managing social affairs, military operations and other civil duties. On becoming the Grand Lecturer, the treant becomes an embodiment of nature, acquiring a mighty ability to summon a spirit of the land in defense. Like the Great Fey Circles, the spirit of the land is a powerful deterrent to foreign aggression.

For much of their time, the treants do what treants do, tell long stories, remain nearly invisible to travelers, or seeking news of the world, and finding new ears for their endless stories. Sages and other knowledge seekers come from distant lands to speak with the Einglach, gathering knowledge lost to other peoples, or to discover secrets that only those with lifespans that span thousands of years would know.

Even though it happened thousands of miles away, the treants knew within days after the arrival of the Ink Sphere and began telling tales of its power and journey across Brucrumus.

- Viryantë, Angrod historian, "Wisdom of Einglach"