Seal of Zôd'vîrmâb
Built19 War March 183 LE

Zôd'vîrmâb is a ancient Lith-Crillion ruin on the island of Urutth'lê. During the Lith-Crillion Era, it served as a research complex for studying arcane magic and how it is powered.

We did research into the mysteries of the arcane. The research at Zôd'vîrmâb led to an understanding of the Web of Magic and how to tap into its near limitless power.

- Agêrdul, response to "What was Zôd'vîrmâb used for?"

The surface area of the Zôd'vîrmâb is mostly collapsed and buried under jungle growth. There are several entrances into its lower levels. The underground complex spans twenty levels. The deeper levels of the complex have passages and chambers that butt up against the ocean. They have large observatory-like windows. The glass is very thin, yet is able to withstand sea pressure and force attacks from the ocean or subterranean side. Zôd'vîrmâb has been thoroughly plundered. Anything not structural in nature, was taken long ago by Khazarkar tribesmen or later looted by explorers serving the First Khazarkar Empire.

Early in the First Epoch, a Khazarkar adventuring party explored the ruins of Zôd'vîrmâb. One of the items they took from this place was a large crystal. This item became known as the Agêrdul.

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