Onai'gom - Enkii Jusk
RegionAerie of Dragons
Founded15 War March 221 LE
MapEnkii Jusk

In 217 LE, a disgraced military unit with a deep tradition of honor, left Har Karib with the mission of rebuilding their honor and faith. Four years later, thousands of miles to the east, they settled in the undersea crags and peaks of Gelomiiz Stov. From Onai'gom, a growing coral citadel of mostly Sahuagin, they made war with weaker peoples, and plotting the downfall of those stronger. Their aggressiveness led to the Thane Wars, five wars with their greatest rival, the city-state of Merenwen.

In the Fifth Thane War (890 LE - 897 LE), Onai'gom was subjected to the powers of creation, with the Baton of Sathel reconstructing the city and its entire population, turning everything into marine plants and fish.

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