Tharag Smith

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the Tharagians served as workers and builders under a Creationist named Danzar-Khâl. They built fortifications, depots, and other structures to defend against the primordials and their minions. One of the most notable places they helped build is Aphalur.

In the God Era, a number of great angelic heroes became Higher Powers. When this happened, they were forced to abandon the Mortal Systems. Danzar-Khâl's departure to Nawenglorûs left Tharag (and his other people, the Akthol) to make their own way in Bal-Kriav's Ušuškad highlands.

In 89 LE, the Tharag established the settlement Grongak.

In 310 LE, Tharag and Akthol settlers were sent on an expedition along the Earth Seam. A year later, after journeying far east into Dhark Bolg, they founded the settlement Felak.

In 415 LE, the dwarves of Akthol and Tharag established the nation of Akthol-Tharag. They rule a territory covering a large part of the western mountains of the Elephant Backbone.

Both the Akthol and the Tharags claim to be the first dwarven peoples put on Bal-Kriav. They claim a Plaques of Aphalur (c.f. Scroll of Dawn), found at Aphalur, is written in Dwarven and bears the mark of Danzar-Khâl and reads similar to the lines from a Scroll of Dawn:

The first dwarven people of Bal-Kriav are the Akthol and the Tharag. They will serve as my guardians of Aphalur and other angelic bastions of Ušuškad.

- Danzar-Khâl, from a Scroll of Dawn, "Guardians of Ušuškad"