CategoryHigher Powers
WorldUezexoch (Abyss)
RaceDemon (Demon Lord)
Alignmentchaotic evil
EnemiesGraz'zt, Lukoon
Godhood1 War March 984 LE

Aperoq is a demon lord ruling the world Uezexoch. He had his beginning as a Gorantin on the world Bal-Kriav. The history of this is mostly lost, but he was captured by the primordials, then taken to a world of a system then known as Piranoths Steps. Aperoq was one of those affected by the Threads of Damnation that were turning worlds into sinks for chaos and evil. Aperoq was infused with demoniac energy, making him monstrous and grotesque appearing. At 15' tall, he has the strength of a titan and has been known to topple towers like a battering ram.

In the Demon Spawn War, Aperoq headed the legion Vauquix. This unit went into hiding after the Demon Spawn War, eluding their angelic pursuers to the point where they were assumed destroyed from internal dissension. Aperoq took the unit deep into the Underdark eking out a miserable existence for centuries, preying on non-intelligent creatures so as not to give away their location. In times where they were forced to take out intelligent creatures, they did it with stealth and guile. In the start of the Lith-Crillion Era, Aperoq and his unit had dwindled to 200 demons and half as many cambions; the latter from copulation in the Underdark reaches of Dhark Bolg and Urizigar.

In 666 LE, Aperoq and his minions founded Orias Vual, their first settlement on the surface. Two decades later, he founded the Varelay Empire. He named it after one of his favorite concubines. The beginning of many demon named places across Ma'Ohari and beneath occurred during Aperoq's three century reign (684 LE - 984 LE).

There are two legends of why Aperoq abandoned Varelay in 984 LE, leaving for Abyss where he became a Cult Power and a Demon Lord.

Aperoq was drawn back to the Abyss by a Lith-Crillion arch-mage named Sapthinal. He tricked the demon into using a inter-system gate to the Abyss. Thinking it would allow him to bring more demons to Bal-Kriav, Aperoq tried to use his summoning powers. Instead of summoning demons, he was summoned back to the Abyss by a petty demon lord. Aperoq crushed this foolish demon and took his seat of power. A palace servant is said to have told the slayer of his master, "This is Uezexoch, here, you keep what you kill." It wasn't long after when Aperoq shed his old demon body and took on a more hulking bestial form. He was now a demon lord and ruler of the Abyssal world Uezexoch. His very long reign on Bal-Kriav made him a master of intrigue and deception. These traits have allowed him to keep an iron grip on Uezexoch to this day.

- Nîr Ralc, historian from Thrakopolis, excerpt from his book - "Demon Empire of Ma'Ohari"

The other legend probably holds a bit more truth with it declaring that on 1 War March 984 LE, Aperoq was called to the Abyss to rule over the world Uezexoch. He was made a demon prince by Graz'zt. This was done out of necessity for Graz'zt wanted his old general of the Demon Spawn War to serve as a buffer against forces under Orcus. Aperoq helped his master for a little under two centuries. When he had acquired enough demoniac power over his domain, he turned against him and allied with Orcus; but for only as long as he needed him.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+500 hit points as Cult Power
Modulating Energy+5 modulating energy damage for all attacks