RegionHigh Wood Country, Nielalroch, Vhurghad
CapitalHar Karib
Alignmentneutral good, lawful neutral
EnemiesCorallim, Spirachiln
Established19 Saunas 341 LE

Caradruk is an ancient empire of Nielalroch's undersea. It was established early in the Lith-Crillion Era by descendants of Tritons that once served under Asmodeus. Considering what Asmodeus became, and the betrayal of the 82nd Last Hope, most don't like to talk about this dark past.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, a confederacy of triton city-states joined forces, driving out the warlord Dreshbine. This sahuagin lich warlord had held sway over Har Karib for five centuries. Dreshbine's sahuagin population numbered nearly a 100,000 with tens of thousands of tritons and other undersea races, many born into slavery. The liberators took over Har Karib and other minor holds in the region. Most of the tritons liberators joined together in 341 LE establishing the Caradruk Republic. The sahuagin fled south into the Mephigax Ocean leaving the conquerors far behind.

The capital city of Caradruk is Har Karib. This ancient hold is surrounded by multiple layers, each an enormous citadel. These stretch outward for miles serving as powerful defenses like they did against the Abyssal foes of the Demon Spawn War.

Caradruk lays claim to a large swathe of Nielalroch's undersea realm. In the First Epoch, Caradruk began having problems with the surface walkers of Brucrumus. This came about from territorial encroachment of various peoples into the waters of Nielalroch. They have had many conflicts with the surface elves of Spirachiln. The usual reason for these conflicts arise over fisheries and the establishment of sea rights for coastal settlements. Diplomatically, Caradruk is not interested in treaties or working deals over territory or trade matters with most civilizations of the surface.

Around 1410, Caradruk began raiding Spirachiln's northern coastal settlements. They militarily forced the elves away from the bay Neithreth. The reason for this was their desire to keep Ralvalloth's relics from ending up in some landlubber's museum or market stall. By 1420, Spirachiln had abandoned the area and thought that by doing so they could forge a peace treaty. Caradruk refused diplomatic overtures, but signaled that hostilities had ended for now. The two empires are technically in a state of war, with occasional flareups. Corallim is entangled in these conflicts because of there close relationship with Spirachiln; due mostly to a long history of inter-racial marriages between Corallim's sea elves and Spirachiln's kriavian elves.