Crybhox Rest

Built5 Bloom 411 LE

At the core of Indraph, a citadel that arose around it, is the prison Crybhox Rest. It hold one prisoner, the Concubine General, or more formerly Crybhox, that it is named after.

In 411 LE, the Ishtu Irrai captured Crybhox, imprisoning her a glacial patch that would be named after her. It is said Crybhox is in some form of stasis, imprisoned in the ice, visible at times, then vanishing for days and weeks. The frost giants of Artaxertus have mixed views of her. Some say she speaks to them, others on the more extreme end, die-hard proselytizers of Thyrm are against creating an idol; something that would cut into their god's Divine Power.

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