Founded24 Artifice 355 LE

In the Maziggandîm Conflict, the people of the surface city Tarband-Khâl were defeated, then driven away from their homes. The refugees headed for the great sinkhole Zurukthûr. Many just followed along with the others. Some were those that had fallen under diabolical influences. They went down into the Underdark region Unaraggumak, some went east to the mining center Munarkûn, others west where they founded Dushinbal. They chose this area because it was at the center of three features which would help jump-start their settlement. The first was a ready source of fish from the Igulâd Plunge. All they had to do was dump in their uneaten foods and waste, attracting a great bounty of sea life for their lures and nets. The second feature was the Earth Seam, an established commercial trade way said to span the globe. The third would be the mineral resources of Zurukthûr, and salamander allies with good diplomacy. The 5,000 people that established Dushinbal were given a convincing speech with these points. It was beautifully done, convinced by oratory to build a town over the safety of Munarkûn's walls. The one behind this speech was the first mortal disciple of Baalzebul. He would show the people that his lord was a worthy one by the success of the settlement. The town grew remarkably fast, and with it the following of Baalzebul.

Over the next millennia, the people of Dushinbal and Munarkûn were converted to diabolical worship. The Turkûn of these Underdark towns, collectively known as the Mîmêk, began to change. It is said dark powers conspired, exposing them to infernal energies in the same way that the Devils were created. The Mîmêk underwent bodily changes, thinning, their skin and hair turned a dull gray, some going bald, and beards going from being hair to be spiny quills. They gained a number of boons from their diabolic taint - heightened stealth and alertness, spell-like abilities, and an immunity to paralysis, phantasms, and many types of poisons. They had transformed into the Duergar race.

The city's southern walls look out upon vast farmlands which supply sustenance for a million mouths. Lake Arkan-Ragûma to the east is another source of food for the population.

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