CategoryFallen Empires
DeitiesBlibdoolpoolp, Lukoon, Silvanus
Reign446 LE - 2615 LE

This empire was formed by Tragaran descendants of the Krotoan army - both products of Lukoon, created during the tumultuous times of the Demon Spawn War. Other races that came to be part of the empire were mostly Vedrii and yuan-ti. They were peoples by conquest, living on the fringes of society, yet required to take up arms to protect a Tragaran dominated empire. At the height of its might, Tilnangau controlled all of Gurutharni and lands as far east as Mughakh-Gol and west to the banks of the Ralban river.

The empire's longest running enemy was the demon empire Varelay. In the first century of Varelay's formation, they were initially interested in slaving the fringes of Tilnangau. As they gained in power, their leader Aperoq turned to disrupting Tilnangau economy and instilling anarchy on the empire's borders. The yuan-ti race came about from these machinations, the result of vile experiments on Tragaran captives. As time wore on, Varelay gained power at Tilnangau's expense.

In 944 LE, the empire was forced to submit to Varelay rule, thereby becoming a vassal state to demon masters. In the Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE), they once again went independent, battling their former masters. The volcanic cataclysmic coupled with Varelay's struggle to keep hold of her rebellious vassals ended up scattering the Tragarans and bringing down Tilnangau in 2615 LE. Many of the Vedrii and yuan-ti remained in Tha'lith, while others travelled with the Tragarans to other lands.

In the Varelay Upheaval some Tragarans pledged themselves to the dark god Blibdoolpoolp; otherwise they would have given themselves to fate, which for most of those left behind was the whip and shackles of Varelay. Those people that descended with Rolipoon into the Underdark became kuo-toans. The thousands of Tragarans that survived the Varelay Upheaval and the clutches of Varelay, migrated far south into Gulimbor and into Azrik.

  • Tilnangau-Varelay War
  • 6th Varelay Civil War
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