Leptyr Marauders
RegionNorthern Hordelands
Built18 Dreamer 2 LE

Yennog was built in the Lith-Crillion Era by a gnoll shaman that had been turned into a werewolf. He was revered among the gnoll tribes as something blessed by Yeenoghu. The truth though was that the shaman was turned by the will of nature, bitten by a wolf carrying the Curse of Lyncathropy. Various gnoll tribes built Yennog in concert with frequent fighting over who would be building the most important part of the place.

Yennog is a fortress built in the shape of a howling wolf. Either by accident or design, the structure produces a natural, yet unnerving howl. This sound can be heard ten miles away and is constant; thanks to the perpetual winds generated by the Primordial Storm.

Yennog has never fallen to enemy attack. The place has spiritual significance to the gnolls with them stopping any internal fighting and joining forces to combat whatever threatens the place. Those gnolls that have a deep spiritual interest in the place become special guards called the Leptyr Marauders (Leptyr being a reference to the moon). As part of an ancient rite, subjects give up part of themselves to become werewolves. This ritual is the Pack Rite which has since its start, always been performed by gnoll shamans. Since the First Epoch, the Pack Rite has been administered by the Kashu'khas.

Yennog is also a training place for warriors. The training is savage with a high combat mortality rate. The class tactic Yennog Savage came out of the bloody training pits of this place.