RegionIce Cap
Area1600 sq miles

Unhallowed glaciers and unholy places in the great ice fields of the north sometimes include expanses of ebony ice, jet black sheets that gleam with dark energy. [1]

Maen Fyrk is an ebony ice field that encompasses a 1600 square mile area. Ebony ice is a form of ice that has been infused with negative energy. It bolsters undead and poisons the landscape. Maen Fyrk was created when eldritch necromancers at Frosvirk failed to properly bind an abyssal creature. The city was flooded with negative energy and the entire population had their souls devoured by the nether beast.

Many of those slain at Frosvirk rose as powerful undead. These undead now roam the ruins of Frosvirk and the ebon wastes of Maen Fyrk. Some of these undead are very powerful, more so than even what can be mustered by the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. The horrors that roam these areas are contained by the Maen Fyrk Boundary Ward. This ward is very old and not as secure as it once was. Sometimes, an undead or some other fell terror finds a weak spot in the boundary ward and escapes into the wilds of Ice Cap.


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